Incredible Footage of Planes Smoothly Landing at Nepal’s Dangerous Lukla Airport in the Himalayas

The Tenzing–Hillary Airport in Lukla, Nepal is known as being one of the most dangerous airports in the world due to its high altitude, intense winds, unpredictable weather, and incredibly short and steep runway. Even so, it is heavily traveled due to its proximity to a Mount Everest base camp and skilled pilots are able to make smooth landings in spite of these challenges.

“Lukla” World’s Most Dangerous Airport. Located at 9,000, incredible short, the runway is steeply inclined so the planes can get enough speed to take off. Often closed and even when open, it’s only safe-ish a few hours a day.

Sam Chui put together a compilation of takeoffs and landings that show just how dangerous this airport is.

Suzanne Mauro captured firsthand experience from inside a plane during one of these landings in 2018.

Landing video from the cockpit as we set out to trek to Everest Base Camp with Ace The Himalaya — landed in Lukla Tenzig Hillary Airport via twin otter without error thanks to the spot on flying from Tara Air.

via Boing Boing