Flying In a Plane That Shoots Fireworks From Its Wings

The ever-adventurous Tom Scott (previously) somewhat nervously reported from the passenger side of a motor glider plane that amazingly shoots fireworks from its wings. The plane belongs to AeroSPARX, the world’s only air service that combines “…Formation flying, Aerobatics and night time pyro…” AeroSPARX founder and pilot Guy Westgate explained the detailed process behind this unique combination of skills.

Westgate also shared his inspiration for forming the company.

My inspiration for Aerosparx came from seeing New Years Eve on television, in Edinburgh, where underneath the castle they had a waterfall of light. I always imagined that being somehow trailing off behind the wing of an aeroplane. …We’ve been to China, Saudi Arabia, Portugal, lots of locations in Europe, and obviously locations in the UK. And we can display from up to 300,000 people, to a million people.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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