Pigcasso, A Creative Pig Who Was Saved From Slaughter Expresses Herself Through Painting

Pigcasso is no ordinary pig. After being rescued by the wonderful humans at Farm Sanctuary SA, the creative little porcine lady decided the best way to express herself was through painting and is rarely seen without her trademark paintbrush in mouth, though it does happen occasionally. Pigcasso’s finished art work is available for purchase and benefits the rescued animals at the Cape Town, South Africa farm.

She’s fat, friendly and fabulous! Meet Pigcasso – the fine swine who was rescued from the brink of extinction at a South African pig ‘farm’. From pork chop to hog heaven, she loves the sweet things in life: Eat. Sleep. Eat. Repeat. She also loves to paint – and that’s no hogwash! Pigcasso’s primary purpose? To paint a better picture for farm animals. With your support, we will make it possible.

Where's my paintbrush!

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