Photographer Superimposes Himself Into His Own Artwork Using a Creative Double Exposure Technique

German photographer Jan Von Holleben, whose work we’ve previously posted, has superimposed himself into photos of hand-constructed fantasy machines designed from the suggestions of friends and family in a series he calls “Saving the Universe“. Jan makes the images using a creative double exposure technique that he discusses in this DIY Photography post.

Some weeks ago, I asked friends and family about their dearest wishes for their lives and a wonderful future. After heated debates, a tedious selection process, intensive research, and long pre-Christmas nights, my team and I managed to plan, construct, and test a series of 10 machines that fulfill those wishes to everyone’s greatest satisfaction.

Additionally, Jan wants other people to “help save the universe” and is offering free image files just for the asking.

All machines are ready for universal dispatch, and you can get hold of one FREE OF CHARGE! (Saving the universe is always free of charge!). Choose your model and email your preference to my sweet Super-Lieutenant Anna. She will send you an image file, which you can then use privately for whatever you feel is appropriate – even print it nicely for your wall?! Every sweet person needs one of these machines: You are very welcome to share this offer with your dear friends! SPREAD THE WORD!

via DIY Photography

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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