Dreams of Flying Revisited, A Young Woman’s Quirky Bed of Dreams

Building on his earlier series of photographs, Dreams of Flying, photographer Jan von Holleben recently created the wondrous set of images as an addition to his Dreams of Flying Revisited. He created the photographs of a young woman and her quirky bed of dreams for German newspaper ZEIT “to create visual work for a feature on dreams and what they mean to us”. He amazingly transformed blankets and other everyday bedroom-type objects into imaginary but fun dream scenes.

Working on an editorial on dreams of a grown-up was something new and challenging. The images had to be much more complex, sophisticated and art directed. It turned out to be so much fun and even whilst shooting, we had more ideas. For example, the shot when she is ‘shopping’ or when she is ‘driving the car’ were totally improvised during the shoot. That was quite a revelation for anyone on set.

images via My Modern Metropolis

via My Modern Metropolis