Photographer Documents Wild Cheetah’s Personal Visit To Their Safari Vehicle In the Serengeti

Cheetah and Guide

Talented Australian photographer Bobby-Jo Clow came face-to-face with a wild cheetah cub while on safari in the Seronera area of the Serengeti National Park and wound up with absolutely stunning photos of her experience.

I was on safari in the Seronera area of the Serengeti when I came across a mother cheetah and her two juvenile offspring. All of a sudden the two juvenile cheetah started coming towards the safari vehicle that I was in. One of the cats walked straight past the driver’s door and then loitered around the front of the vehicle. The young male then started to relax and made himself quite at home. He rested his front paws through the car roof, they were actually dangling in front of my face. At one point he put his whole head into the car and smelt my head. The cheetah stayed there for another five minutes before his mother started to call to him. He then jumped off our car and headed back to his family

As a result of this experience, Bobby-Jo has decided to run her own photographic safaris. Booking information can be found on her Facebook page.

Cheetah Approaching Windscreen

Cheetah Peers Into Vehicle

Cheetah Peers Inside

Cheetah On Top of Vehicle

Cheetah On Top

Cheetah Looking On

Cheetah Growling

via Africa Geographic