Petsnflats, A Handy Service That Pairs Pet Sitters With Pets Whose Humans Are Going on Vacation

Pets in Flats

Petsnflats is a brilliantly useful service that pairs vacationers who have animals in their homes with verified pet sitters who will come in and care for the animals. The company is based in Berlin, Germany, however they have just began offering their service internationally. Both hosts and sitters need to sign up. Once approved, they can begin using the service.

Want to travel but don’t know what to do with your cat? You need to go on business trips and can’t bring your dog along? We know the problem of always asking friends and neighbours to feed our cats. But sometimes it’s not enough to have somebody at home for a few minutes taking care of the basic needs of our loved ones. Our pet sitters like to travel as well and would like to have a pet around during that time.

Because the services is still new, the company is offering their services free for a limited time.

We are all about creating a relaxed travel experience for our sitters and hosts. Since we are just starting, our services will be free of charge during the beta phase. So hurry up and give us a try. Without any strings attached, we promise.

How It Works

via Ryan Hoover