Persistent Vizsla Dog Eagerly Tries to Get at a Single Tater Tot That’s Just Out of His Reach

A persistent two-year-old Vizsla named Argus eagerly tries to get at the remaining breakfast Tater Tot that’s sitting on the counter just out of his reach. According to his human, Argus really wanted that tot.

Here’s Argus in action. Please excuse the breakfast crumbs. Note that I wasn’t even out of the room before he started being naughty. The sounds you hear are him trying to move a barstool & then reaching & licking a pan. (Don’t worry, He gets the Tater Tot in the end, after he gets down!)

His human also explained the type of collar that Argus is wearing in the video and why he’s wearing it.

The collar is a vibrating collar. It feels like having a vibrating phone next to his neck and serves just to get his attention and remind him of the rules, since he’s still young and impulsive. Many days the collar isn’t even powered on. He’s a very loved dog and is in fact napping on my bed as we speak, typical Vizsla :)

via Tastefully Offensive