Persistent Bagpiper Drowns Out the Homophobic Rhetoric of a Megaphone-Wielding Preacher

Lately, it seems that people have been resorting to wonderfully creative means to stamp out hate speech in a non-violent manner. The FDNY used sirens and horns while a gay student at Florida Gulf Coast University named Brice Ehmig, very cleverly played her bagpipes to interrupt and drown out the homophobic rhetoric that was being preached by a man with a megaphone on campus. In an interview with the local ABC affiliate, Ehmig said that she had been listening to this man for several days and finally took matters into her own hands, while her girlfriend Gabrielle Cicolani recorded the whole thing.

He started mentioning a lot more violent things against, you know, homosexuals…When I hear things like that, I just think about me when I was 12 and still in the closet and feeling really bad about myself. I wouldn’t want her to feel bad, 12-year-old me, I need to stand up for her.

Even George Takei approved.

via Aaron Muszalski