Downtown NYC Firehouse Uses Blaring Horns to Drown Out an Obnoxious Preacher Woman

On a hot day in July, the New York City firefighters of Ten House, were subjected to the rantings and ravings of a female sidewalk preacher who hurled xenophobic, racist and insulting 9/11 rhetoric in the name of Jesus to passersby right in front of their door. The house, legendary for its proximity to the World Trade Center, for being the only fire station inside Ground Zero and for the tragic loss of six of their crew on September 11, 2001, responded in kind by blaring non-emergency horns and other loud sounds to just completely drown her nonsense out.

I got freedom of speech and I’m a firefighter just as much as these people are. I’m trying to get you people out of eternal fires. Repent, repent. Don’t forget the people jumping out of the buildings. People jumped out of buildings right here. …You need to read your bible. …I’m trying to save you people from the wrath to come. …I’m a firefighter Christian. …You’re all going to hell fire if you don’t repent”

via Anthony Derosa

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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