Penguins of the Saint Louis Zoo Take an Enriching Field Trip to Visit the Resident Polar Bears on a Snowy Day

The resident penguins of different varieties at the Saint Louis Zoo took a short but enriching field trip across the snowy path in order to go visit the polar bears who live in a different area. The flightless birds took their time on this spontaneous trip, enjoying the snow that was falling onto their adorable faces.

Today, our king penguins Ethel and Elliot, along with gentoo penguins CJ, Oshie, Sunny, Double, and Trouble, took a quick field trip in the snow to visit their neighbors, polar bear Kali and grizzly bears Huck and Finley. Through the cooperation of our Bird and Carnivore animal care teams, our penguins were able to get up close to see the polar and grizzly bears.

A snowy field trip for the penguins at the Saint Louis Zoo

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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