Imaginative Games and Fashionable Figurines Made Using Unique Pastry Techniques

French pastry chef and instructor Johan Martin creates wonderfully elaborate games, figurines, and fashionable items all out of his delicious medium. His beautiful work includes a chessboard made from croissant dough and pain au chocolat, tiny tuxedoed figurines made from a brownie filled croissant, swirling skirts made from chocolate mousse biscuits, and brioche with a raspberry glaze, a super high heeled shoe made from a strawberry laminated croissant, and a chocolate loafer are just a few of Martin’s imaginative pieces.

Martin’s unique work has influenced pastry chefs and other bakers around the world.

His innovative approach towards viennoiserie and pastry products in absolutely mind-blowing, followed and put in practice by many of the pastry professionals today worldwide.

via Neatorama