Pastry Chef Creates a Gourmet Version of Skittles In Order to Taste the Rainbow Without Artificial Flavors

In a vivid episode of the Bon Apétit series Gourmet Makes, Senior Food Editor and pastry chef Claire Saffitz attempted to recreate a healthier version of Skittles, so that she and her co-workers could taste the rainbow without artificial flavors. The most difficult part of this project was finding the perfect texture for the soft candy center. Luckily she had a whole team to help critique her process and pull taffy.

Recreating Skittles

Claire Saffitz takes on another challenge, this time to recreate the tastes of the rainbow… Skittles, Gourmet-style. … Skittles might be my favorite episode so far because everyone got involved! Watch for cameos from all your favorite test kitchen editors.?