Picky Pet Otters Enjoy a Yummy Seafood Breakfast

Two very chatty pet otters named Kotaro and Hana, who previously took turns jumping up into the bed in order to have an individual combing session with their human, slithered out of their respective beds and went into the kitchen where their human presented them with breakfast.

Each plate featured the same amount of tuna, salmon, scallops, and chicken, yet hungry Hana wanted whatever was on Kotaro’s plate. Kotaro acted defensively, taking the tuna from his plate for himself, but let Hana take his salmon. Neither of the picky otters wanted the scallops for some reason, however.

(translated)Let’s have a rich seafood breakfast today. Hana, hold your horses. Both of you have left your favorite scallops. I wonder if I boiled it more than usual.

Otters Eat Breakfast