An Experimental Band That Plays Recycled Object Instruments With Electromagnetic Force Fields

Oscillatorial Binnage is a British experimental band that makes their own instruments from recycled, repurposed objects. Sound is extracted from these objects with electromagnetic force fields and tones are developed using items of different shapes and sizes.

Oscillatorial Binnage is a London-based electroacoustic improv quartet comprised of Fari Bradley, Toby Clarkson, Christopher J Weaver, and Daniel Wilson. Self-built instruments feature extensively, along with recycled objects, inharmonic and arbitrary microtonal tunings, and solar power..

More of their experimental work can be found on the album Agitations: Post-Electronic Sounds.

From Oscillatorial Binnage’s ‘Agitations: Post-Electronic Sounds’ released February 2020 on the Sub Rosa label. An album of recordings made using electromagnetic force fields acting upon found/recycled objects in increasingly complex mechanical systems of cranks, pulleys, levers, tilts, jacks and gears.

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips