Elsie the Orphaned Baby Wombat Learns to Walk

A tiny orphaned baby wombat named Elsie who previously fell asleep as her caretaker human Lindy gave her a nice little rub on her pudgy belly, took a number of steps on her own under the watchful eye Lindy. It was their penultimate day together, so for Lindy, it was a welcome surprise. Normally, wombats would still be in their mother’s pouch at Elsie’s age. Unfortunately, Elsie was rescued as an orphan, she never had the opportunity to bond with her mother in that way.

They are pouch babies for several months yet so the “walking” is really just a neurological development at this stage, not necessary for day to day life. I’m delighted that she did it now. Tomorrow is my last day with her before she goes to her long term carer.

Lindy also found out before the two parted ways that Elsie absolutely loves getting her rump scratched.

Elsie has grown a bit more independent since moving to her new longterm home with Helij.

Here’s a photo showing the amazing progress that Elsie has made in just three months.