A Tiny Orphaned Baby Wombat Adorably Falls Asleep While Her Human Caretaker Rubs Her Pudgy Belly

A tiny orphaned baby wombat named Elsie adorably fell asleep as her adopted human Lindy gave her a nice little rub on her pudgy belly.

In March 2020, Elsie was brought to ACT Wildlife in Canberra, Australia after being rescued from her dead mother’s pouch. She was extremely underweight, unable to fend for herself, and those involved in her care were unsure that she would even make it. Yet, she did.

She was rescued from the pouch of her dead mum and taken straight to a vet then to a carer. She was kept warm at every stage, enhancing her chances of surviving. She is only 125 gm and 3 months old. She is on 3 hourly feeds around the clock and will be kept in an incubator for. several months. This tiny girl has a good chance of surviving but we will stay realistic

Not only did Elsie survive, but she has absolutely thrived under Lindy’s devoted care.

Here’s Elsie when she was first rescued.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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