A Giant Circular Juice Machine That Turns Discarded Peels of Squeezed Oranges Into 3D Printed Juice Cups

Carlo Ratti Feel the Peel Dried

Italian design firm Carlo Ratti, in partnership with energy company Eni, have created the wonderful “Feel the Peel” campaign. This environmentally conscious project features a giant circular citrus juicer that holds approximately 1,500 oranges. After juicing the fruit, the machine dries the discarded peel into a bioplastic filament for a 3D printer to make biodegradable cups to serve the freshly squeezed juice.

When someone orders a juice, oranges slide down into the squeezer. Juice is produced on one side. On the other side, peels are stored and transformed into bioplastic through drying and milling. The bioplastic is heated and melted and used to feed a 3D printer incorporated into the system to produce sustainable cups, which in turn can be used to drink orange juice.

Circular Eni Juicer

via Wired