A Detailed Octopus Sculpture Made From Recycled Tires

Mixed media artist Blake McFarland (previously) of BM Sculptures crafted an amazingly detailed octopus sculpture out of recycled tires. McFarland first welded a steel framework, carved the shape out of polyurethane foam, and then covered the whole thing in tire tread. This rubber cephalopod features eight bendable arms, a giant backward-balancing head, and a pair of gorgeous yellow eyes made by Becca Barnett.

I used recycled tires to create an octopus tire sculpture. The sculpture started with welding steel armature. Once the frame was fabricated I used insulation foam for the inner structure. I did a full foam carving using a knife and other power tools…I teamed up with Becca Barnet to do custom eyes. She did an amazing job, creating the octopus eyes out of glass spheres with resin painted and backfilled.

Making an Octopus Sculpture Out of Tires

via The Awesomer