‘Not A Bully’, Photographer’s Campaign Seeking To Change Opinions About Pit Bulls and Other ‘Bully Breeds’

Porter - Not A Bully

Photographer Douglas Sonders has put together a beautiful campaign seeking to educate the public in hopes of changing opionions preconceived notions about pit bulls and other “bully breeds” with his photo series aptly named “Not A Bully“.

The term ‘bully breed’ covers 14 popular dog breeds including French Bulldogs and Boston Terriers. Two of the most popular domestic dog breeds in the country, Boxers and Rottweilers, are both designated bully breeds. Despite their popularity, many people still believe these dogs are inherently mean, aggressive, or even violent. Dispelling these rumors is the focus of Not a Bully….Many communities treat all bully breed dogs with extreme prejudice regardless of their temperament or personality. Shelters are crowded with loving bully breed dogs, cruelly limited in their chances of finding forever homes. Through beautiful portraits and inspiring rescue stories, Not a Bully hopes to eradicate the negativity towards these deserving pets and give them a fighting chance at a forever home!

The campaign was recently featured on the National GeographicCesar Millan: Love My Pit Bull, featuring dog trainer Cesar Millan who loaned his pit bulls Emma and Junior to the cause. Other donations can be made through various bully breed charities.

Emma and Junior

Not A Bully

Lila Jim

Photographer and Pup


images by Douglas Sonders

via F-stoppers, PetaPixel

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