The Stark Toxic Beauty of the Remote Northernmost Industrial City of Norilsk, Russia and Its Residents

In a stunning piece for The Atlantic, filmmaker Victoria Fiore traveled to Norilsk, Russia and captured the stark beauty of the world’s northernmost city, which is home to mining industries that pollute the air and ground with toxins such as sulfuric gas. Being that city is closed off to most of the world, it took Fiore over two years to gain access. Once she did, however, she spoke with some of the people who live there who each find a way to survive and thrive in the poisonous environment. She also spoke with family of four. While the parents were enamored with the beauty of the city, one of the children wished she were somewhere else.

I don’t like gas. because it stinks and is harmful. I start to cough,my head spins and my stomach hurts. I wish I could live somewhere else. …I like plants because they make lots of oxygen. I wish I could have a lot of plants. The trees used to be so beautiful, but they became old. And there is less oxygen