Nine Conjoined Remote Controlled Planes Fly as One

Flex 9 attached RC Planes Take Flight

Remote control hobbyist Ran D. St. Clair quite ingeniously created the Flex-Plane X-9, a line of nine RC planes attached wingtip-to-wingtip, and successfully set it aloft in the skies above Baylands Park in Sunnyvale, California with a little help from his friends. The line of conjoined airplanes soared smoothly as a single unit, although the landing was a bit rough.

Ran D. St.Clair has taken his Flex-Plane idea to the next level. Now, he has 9 individual airplanes connected together to fly as 1. That’s right folks, 9 airplanes, with 1 controller to rule them all!…lol

Flex Plane X 9 Landing Hard

St.Clair explained and demonstrated how he built his Flex-Plane X-9.

Videographer Tim Rodriguez also provided a drone’s eye view of the Flex-Plane X-9’s flight that day.

via The Awesomer