The Beloved Bodega Cats of New York City

Bodega Cats is a wonderful organization that documents the beloved bodega cats of New York City. Each of these felines maintains a loyal presence among the wrapped items, cigarettes, liquor bottles, and refrigerators of neighborhood convenience stores all around the five boroughs.

Brooklyn musician and engineer Rob Hitt started this project by posting a few photos of neighborhood cats. It quickly grew into something that can help out others within the community.

We never anticipated the positive reaction and support that posting a few photos of our neighborhood cats would evolve eventually evolve into. We started with just a few photos of neighborhood cats that eventually accumulated to over 500,000 followers across Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Even though the accounts started as fun for our friends, we realized we could eventually use the influence towards positive causes in our community.

One such organization benefiting is Flatbush Cats (previously).

So far to date we’ve been able to utilize money from sales in our webstore towards helping the organization Flatbush Cats. We’ve also found other effective ways to help the community is to donate though social posting (Tweets, Stories, Posts, etc) which can help raise awareness for positive organizations.

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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