‘My Drunk Kitchen’, A Book Featuring Hannah Hart’s Inebriated Cooking Misadventures

My Drunk Kitchen

Hannah Hart, the star of the very popular web series “My Drunk Kitchen“, has released her new book My Drunk Kitchen:A Guide to Eating, Drinking, and Going with Your Gut, a collection featuring many of the recipes that she created during her inebriated cooking misadventures.

My Drunk Kitchen includes recipes, stories, full color photos, and drawings to inspire your own culinary adventures in tipsy cooking. It is also a showcase for Hannah Hart’s great comedic voice. Hannah offers key drink recommendations, cooking tips (like, remember to turn the oven off when you go to bed) and shares never-before-seen recipes such as:

  • The Hartwich (Knowledge is ingenuity! Learn from the past!)
  • Can Bake (Inventing things is hard! You don’t have to start from scratch!)
  • Latke Shotkas (Plan ahead to avoid a night of dread!)
  • Tiny Sandwiches (Size doesn’t matter! Aim to satisfy.)
  • Saltine Nachos (It’s not about resources! It’s about being resourceful.

The book is currently available on Amazon and through other booksellers.

Hannah and My Drunk Kitchen

images via Hannah Hart