A Quirky Animated Musical Tribute to the Dysfunctional Friendship Between Jim and Dwight of ‘The Office’

While on lockdown, British musician Tom Rosenthal (previously) and his family had the opportunity to watch the US version of The Office in full. Rosenthal was so impressed with the dysfunctional friendship between Jim Halpert and Dwight Schrute that he wrote a song in tribute to their relationship. Efa Blosse-Mason directed the wonderfully illustrative music video with animation by Sophie Marsh.

So I’ve written a song about Jim and Dwight’s friendship/relationship in the American Office, one of the most joyous TV programmes of our times. My gf and I watched the entirety of the show in the early phase of lockdown and I vowed to write a song about the great duo.

You pushed each other right to the edge
But deep in there was a secret pledge
That you would always have each others backs
Like when Roy from the warehouse came to attack

You can’t love someone all the time
And the truly great loves they fit no design so

Try try try as we might I don’t think we’re that different from
Jim and Dwight
Jim and Dwight
Jim and Dwight


via The Awesomer