Music Student on a Park Bench Sweetly Serenades a Herd of Wandering Cows With His Accordion

On a lovely day at Town Moor Park in the north eastern English town of Newcastle, music stuent Mark Insley sat on a bench and began playing his melodeon to a herd of cows who were apparently wandering around the park. Upon hearing the dulcet tones of the instrument, the cows stopped and gathered around Insley, providing an encouraging, if not slightly intimidating audience.

This is the moment a herd of cows gathered round a moo-sician as he serenaded them with his accordion. …In the 60-second footage Mark can be seen sitting on a park bench playing his melodeon, a type of accordion, when a herd of the curious creatures saunter over and stare ‘ominously’ at him. Mark continues to play while his friend can be heard saying ‘Mark come on, I think they’re going to charge’.