The Orchestra Who Plays Instruments Made From Vegetables Is ‘Krautfunding’ for Their New Album

The amazing Vegetable Orchestra whose biodegradable instruments are wholly created out of produce, are currently “krautfunding” in order to put out their fourth album – The Green Album. For this new album, the band has created new instruments and done much of the recording, but they need further assistance in other areas of production.

After 20 years of vegetable music we are now working on our our fourth studio album. Unconventional music for all senses played on vegetable instruments: 14 pieces of vegetable music and a completely new sound world. …We composed, arranged, invented instruments and recorded 14 new pieces of magical music but now we need your help to afford mixing, mastering, shooting photos, graphic design and of course the production of the actual CDs, vinyls and mp3’s.

Vegetable Orchestra Krautfunding Carrot

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips