Animal Brings Actual Bells to The Muppets’ Christmas Carol Performance of ‘Ringing of the Bells’

While The Swedish Chef and Beaker of The Muppets were singing the classic Christmas carol “Ringing of the Bells / Carol of the Bells”, a rather restless Animal, drummer for Dr. Teeth & The Electric Mayhem, decided to add actual bells into the mix.

This threesome of incomprehensible muppets does their best to share Holiday Cheer. Watch Animal, the Swedish Chef and Beaker sing their hearts out in their rendition of “Ringing of the Bells.”

The first set of small handbells didn’t have the oomph that Animal desired, so he went big and brought over a clanging church bell. He soon lost control and poor Beaker wound up taking over by default.

Muppets Ringing of the Bells