Monzter, An App That Sends Users on a Gorgeously Illustrated Adventure to Find Monsters in Abandoned Buildings


Monzter by German street artist Kim Kwacz is an interactive picture book app that sends users on a gorgeously illustrated adventure in search of friendly monsters hiding inside abandoned Berlin buildings, where users are invited to move through the plot at their own pace, asking questions along the way.

How high is the sky? Why do I need to sleep? Are thunders dangerous and are there white ravens?
Go ahead and look for answers to thrilling and inspiring questions. On your way, you’ll come across funny monsters waiting for you to find them. Visit an abandoned Factory, engage with the questions, move on by painting your way through the world of ‘Monzter’. …The pictures arise from a symbiosis of reality and fiction. The monsters have been painted by the Artist Kim Kwacz and photographed in real locations. In order to connect the single pictures to one another, they have been linked into a consistent plot by beautiful pencil drawings. In this way, the graphic style creates a unique journey into the depths of the user’s imagination.







images via Monzter

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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