Monte the Singing Donkey Serenades His Human in a Beautiful Baritone Voice

An adorable 28 year old rescued donkey named Monte, who lives in Conroe, Texas, loves to serenade his loving human Pinky Ruggles in a beautiful baritone voice.

Ruggles adopted Monte adopted from Texas Miracle Ranch in 2020. He was an older donkey, but it was love at first sight for Ruggles. Monte was very shy at first but then found his own voice in spades.

The third day he was here and we got back to the back to go feed them in their stalls and all of a sudden he just started this bray and I looked at him…his little face looked so confused he looked so surprised that that came out of his mouth. It was like he found his voice,  he literally found his voice and that’s what he does.

The mask Monte is wearing protects his eyes from insects. It neither impedes his sight nor his movement as he can see perfectly well through it.

They are wearing a fly mask to protect their delicate eyes and ears from insect bites, and see PERFECTLY FINE out of it. They are wearing fly boots to protect their legs and skin from insect bites. They walk and play PERFECTLY FINE.