How Monica’s Insatiable Need to Control Everything Is the Way She Shows Her ‘Friends’ She Loves Them

In an amicable episode of their very insightful video essays, film and television analysis platform ScreenPrism dug into the classic series Friends to focus on the very distinct personality of Monica Geller. Monica is a tightly wound control freak, but with these traits she simultaneously reveals her generous nature and her willingness to make sure other people are happy before herself. While this can be frustrating for Monica, she’s the one who brings everyone bacvk together when they’ve strayed too far. And in learning that she can be happy by loosening up a little, Monica eventually finds the joy of which she’s always dreamed in the end.

The lesson that Monica has to learn is that life doesn’t work out exactly according to plan no matter how hard you work or deserve it, so it’s important to be flexible and not so rigid about everything arriving in the exact package that we initially wanted. Because Monica learns to adapt, in the end she’s rewarded with everything she ever truly wanted, even if it doesn’t come in the exact form she expected.