Miniature Therapy Horses Provide Much Needed Comfort to Traumatized Children and Adults

The miniature horses of Gentle Carousel provide comfort and care to children and adults who are traumatized, ill or in just need of a little TLC. About the size of a large dog, these affectionate animals enjoy the attention and give it back in spades to over 40,000 people each year.

An all volunteer 501(c)(3) non-profit charity. Teams of tiny therapy horses work with over 40,000 adults and children each year inside hospitals, hospice programs, outreach programs and with families who have experienced traumatic events. From helping children and first responders at Sandy Hook Elementary School to child trafficking victims in Washington D.C. and tornado survivors in Moore, OK these little horses bring their special love where it is needed most. Gentle Carousel Miniature Therapy Horses have worked inside children’s hospitals across the country.

Girl With Cast

Horse with Woman




images via Gentle Carousel Miniature Horses

via Huffington Post