An Amazing Working Miniature Pipe Organ Made Completely Out of Paper

Aliaksei Zholner, the brilliant engineer behind the working paper model of a V8 engine, has turned once again to his favorite medium to create an amazing working miniature pipe organ completely made out of paper. The idea came to him when his wife suggested that he create a music box. Zholner took that idea one step further, handcrafting paper pipes, keyboard, gears and valves in such a way that when put together plays beautiful music.

(translated) I decided to slightly move away from a purely technical subject, and wanted “to play music” a little. Once my wife and I discussed the very first my existing engine model, and she so thoughtfully rotating outer crank sort of hurdy-gurdy handle … and make a music box…Of course any of the usual huge body is not planned, but the main ingredients in its simplest form would think – pipes, keyboards and tracker action (ie, driven by the key to the valves.)

Paper Organ Base

Paper Organ Pipes

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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