Remarkable Side by Side Comparison of Michael Jackson’s ‘Beat It’ With ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic’s ‘Eat It’

Cleveland Rock created a remarkable side-by-side comparison of the respective music videos for the Michael Jackson song “Beat It” and the “Weird Al” Yankovic direct parody “Eat It” in order to see the similarities between the two. It turns out that “Weird Al” remained incredibly faithful to the original choreography of the song, only inserting differences when the subject of his parody warranted it.

A lot more attention to detail goes into Weird Al’s parodies than you might realize. Here he is side-by-side with Michael Jackson to prove it.

Michael Jackson Beat It Weird Al Yankovic Eat It

Cleveland Rock also did a direct comparison of the songs “Bad” and “Fat” by the same respective artists, coming to the same conclusion.