McDonald’s Cleverly Builds Menu Items Using Furniture in Trucks to Celebrate ‘Moving Day’ in Quebec

McMoving Day

In celebration of July 1, aka “Moving Day” in Quebec, the ad team at Cossette created a wonderful ad for McDonald’s Canada that not only put the onerous task of moving into a humorous light but also reminded people that it was still simple enough to eat during the busy day. They carefully packed moving trucks with menu items such as Big Mac hamburgers and fries that were all made out of furniture and household items.

In the province of Quebec, Canada, most residential leases come to an end on the very same day. As a result, over 100K households pack their belongings and move into their new homes on what Quebecers refer to as “Moving Day”. To celebrate this unique tradition, McDonald’s Canada and Cossette brought to life a creative campaign to remind guests from across the province to treat themselves to McDelivery on an otherwise undoubtedly hectic day.

via DesignTAXI