An Incredible Marble Run Machine That Can Release Up to an Amazing 11,000 Marbles All at One Time

Jelle Bakker of Jelle’s Marble Runs created an incredible marble run machine that holds 11,000 marbles, 10,000 of which can be released all at once. This amazing machine was made for the “Monkey Town” playground in the Dutch town of Gouda, South Holland where it safely sits behind protective glass.

This marble run (or marble machine) has 4 tipping containers which can release up to 10,000 marbles in one go! If the biggest 2 containers (with 1000 and 10,000 marbles) are tipping at the same time, it creates a flood of 11,000 marbles!

Construction started: April 2015
Construction finished: June 2015
Total number of marbles ~13,500
Number of paths and tipping containers: 4