Caring Man Rescues Senior Husky in a Snowstorm to Give Him a Loving Home for the Rest of Life

GeoBeats Animals visited with John of Ruff Riders Animal Transport at his home in Toronto to learn more about a senior husky named Larry who was rescued from a remote community. Larry had been abandoned by his first family, luckily a neighbor looked after him. The neighbor called John, who drove for hours in a snowstorm to get Larry and give him a loving home to live out the rest of his life in comfort and peace. Larry, who is a little worse for wear, fully embraced his new life with abandon.

It is not an easy life for any human or dog that lives in these communities. He’s 11. He’s one of the lucky ones. He has that wolf-like color and the wolf-like tail and then his face is a little beat up with his cauliflower ears. He’s got one ear that looks like a Dorito chip and another ear that doesn’t really look like much and very soulful eyes.

What John didn’t realize about Larry is that he was a very social dog. So much so, that Larry stood guard over other rescues who were scared on his first night home. He doesn’t like to be alone and calls for the other dogs to join him outside.

He’s a very affectionate dog. I brought foster dogs in. those two were so scared and he didn’t even sleep the first night. He just stood in front of them, guarding them all night long and he has been instrumental in them coming out of their shells and learning that life is good.

Larry has taken a particular liking to a fellow rescue named Goldilocks.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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