Perplexed Man Hilariously Mispronounces the Word ‘Eyes’ After Repeatedly Saying the Word ‘Yes’

While in the car, Michelle B asked her boyfriend what “YES” spelled. He responded correctly. When she asked what “EYES” spelled, he struggled mightily, which sent Michelle into side-splitting laughter.

She repeated the questions over and over again, laughing harder each time. Despite her encouragement, however, the boyfriend was repeatedly unable to recognize the word “eyes” and became more and more perplexed by his girlfriend’s laughter. It was only when he took pen to paper that he realized the hilarity of the situation.

You will laugh until you pee! Best YES-EYES prank ever!

While this has been done to countless people in the past, this evergreen game of response priming combined with implicit memory never seems to get old.

Heather Partin also played this trick on her unsuspecting husband.