A Pair of Competitive Male Dung Beetles Battle Over a Perfectly Rolled Giant Ball of Poop

While on location in South Africa, adventurer Coyote Peterson and the Brave Wilderness crew came across a determined male dung beetle attempting in the most Sisyphean manner to push a (relatively) giant ball of poop up a hill. While the first beetle was busy, a second beetle attempted to steal said booty. Getting a kick out the whole thing, Peterson decided to narrate this battle to the finish. But first he decided to name them – the first beetle was given the name Hercules, while the stealer was named Arnold.

Hercules has got his sight on it and here he goes, you got it oh so close. Hercules is about to take control. Hercules has reclaimed the giant ball of poop. Well I would say we clearly have winner folks. Hercules is the dominant beetle in this situation and has reclaimed his throne.


Peterson explained a little more about these dung rolling insects in a separate video.