An Updated Informative Animated Timeline of Major Historic Events That May Affect the Future

21st Century

In the highly informative, if not slightly ominous new version of “Time: The History & Future of Everything“, the very insightful design house Kurzgesagt offers an updated version of their animated timeline, which plots major events that occurred in recent and distant history. This shows how certain actions of the past are still causing reactions up through present day. They then turned their eyes to the future, specifically noting that everything will eventually die many billions of years from now and encouraging us to seize the day while we still have a day to seize.

One day the last star in the universe will die. The universe will turn dark and at some point even black holes will evaporate and die. When they do our universe will reach its final stage – heat death nothing changes anymore the universe is dead forever …the good news is this is all far far away the only time that actually matters is now. …Time is precious. Make it count.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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