Majestic Lion-Dog Chases After Bubbles At the Top of a California Mountain

The mysterious and majestic lion-dog aka Fritz Dog, an adorable golden retriever in a disconcertingly believable lion costume has fun as he hunts his prey – shiny soap bubbles atop a California mountain. Aside from almost losing his mane a few times, Fritz may actually have a chance to act as understudy for the MGM Lion.

While many observers have made note of this ferocious beast’s remarkable resemblance to Fritz, the scientific community remains divided on whether this is a previously undetected subspecies native to North America or whether rogue scientists may have successfully bred a golden retriever with a lion. Until more information is available, hikers are advised to carry bubbles, as the subject appears easily distracted by them.

A few weeks earlier, Fritz conquered that same mountain sans costume.

Fritz might not catch food well, but he’s got perspective, grit, and rhythm. In the face of exhaustion and mild hallucination, Fritz the golden retriever perseveres and conquers the mountain. Accompany the boy as he finds his groove (clapping his ears to the beat), and uncovers deep insights into the universe and his own doghood.

via Tastefully Offensive