Mac Lethal Raps an 11 Year Old Boy’s Song About a Former Friend Who Became a Bully

An 11 year old boy named Isaac contacted Mac Lethal via YouTube, asking if The prolific rapper could perform a song that he wrote for a former friend who became his bully, but was too shy to do himself. Mac Lethal was more than happy to take on Isaac’s burden with grace and dignity. He also pinned Isaac’s letter at the top of the YouTube comments.

“Dear Mac Lethal,

You have been a big inspiration to me , and i think you prolly wont read this.. but if you ever do i have a request..My best friend Thomas who grew up down the street from me… Well he used to be my best friend , now he hates me and hurts me whenever i see him. He has made my entire school not like me and they always make fun of how i walk and talk. I am nice to all of them but they are cruel to me except for my friend Jonas and Sarah and some girls who like me. I wrote a rap for him but Im shy. You are my favourite rapper and it would be an honour if you would sing this song to him in a video.