Lucas the Spider Plays a Lullaby for His Sleepless Friend Arlo the Owl on a Homemade Harp

Lucas the Spider, the very affable arachnid animated by Joshua Slice who’s led a very full life thus far, heard that his friend Arlo the Owl was having difficulty sleeping. Being that he wants all of his friends to be happy, Lucas quickly rushed over to Arlo’s nest with his handmade harp made out of twigs and string to play a lilting lullaby that would help Arlo get some rest. Sadly, Lucas’ choice of lyrics wasn’t quite as soothing as he intended.

It’s bedtime at Arlo the Owl’s tree! Little Arlo sometimes needs a bit of help getting to sleep, but Lucas’ thoughtful lullaby may not do the trick.

Lucas the Spider Arlo the Owls Lullaby