How a Loyal Akita Named Hachiko Became the Most Famous Dog in the World

In a fascinating episode of Chris Hadfield’s Rare Earth, host and son Evan Hadfield explains how a dog named Hachiko became the most famous dog in the world. Hachiko was a simple Akita who met his beloved human after work every day at Tokyo’s Shibuya station. After his human’s unexpected death, Hachiko kept returning to their meeting place every day for nine years, making him a bit of a celebrity. Hachiko’s devotion and loyalty became such prized attributes, that he became a symbol of national identity and also saved the breed

This is the story of Hachiko, who is likely the most famous dog in human history. But what is it about this dog that convinced the world to take notice? We went around Japan to tell the story of the loyal dog who unwittingly saved his breed. Say hello to Hachiko, a very good dog.