Lowe’s Employee Builds PVC Pipe Walking Structure Inside Store for a Disabled Boy in Wheelchair

When Mark and Jessica Getty took their wheelchair-bound son William to their local Lowe’s store in Brookhaven, Pennsylvania, to buy the materials for a double-sided parallel rail that would stabilize William as he learned to walk. Employee Dave Urban saw the family looking at PVC pipes, and when he found out what the project was, he jumped in and spent a half hour putting the structure together for them inside the store with the specifications they provided.

Urban was more than happy to help.

And I thought I would just be finding some fittings, making a couple of cuts and then I saw will and I found out what they were building Then came the test Will climbed out of his wheelchair and grabbed hold of those bars. …Just go the extra mile and it may just reward you 100 times back.

The Gettys were really appreciative of Urban’s kindness and time spent.

It’s evident that it meant a lot to Dave, too, because, um, he started to tear up as we were , you know, as he was building it…It was just his kindness that that touched us

Lowes Employee Builds Rail for Family

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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