Local SPCA Surprises a Woman in Hospice Care Who Wished to Snuggle With a Basket of Kittens

When Carol Heizman, a resident at the Groves Community Hospice in Kansas City, Missouri, expressed her wish to snuggle with a basket of kittens through the “Happiness Is…” program, the Great Plains SPCA found it was in their power to make Heizman’s wish come true. In cooperation with the hospice, the SPCA gathered up a five adorable and soon-to-be adoptable kittens, put them in a gingham-lined basket and brought them over to spend time with a very surprised and grateful woman.

We all know that pets can sometimes be just what the doctor ordered. So when we heard from GC Hospice that they had a resident whose only wish was to snuggle some kittens, we couldn’t say no. We brought not just one, but a whole basket of kittens to snuggle up to!

via Love Meow, My Modern Met

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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