Nimoy Family Partners With Boston’s Museum of Science on a ‘Live Long and Prosper’ Spock Statue

The family of the late greatly missed Leonard Nimoy have partnered with the Boston Museum of Science to create a 20-foot statue of the iconic hand gesture that the actor made famous as the symbol of “Live Long and Prosper”. The statue, designed by David Phillps, honors the actor’s legacy of being a man of peace and unity.

The 20-foot, illuminated, stainless steel monument, designed by artist David Phillps, will be shaped in the famous “Live Long and Prosper” hand gesture that the actor’s character Mister Spock was known for. It will be located in front of the Museum, at Science Park, welcoming visitors and Star Trek fans from around the world.

The museum is raising funds to ensure that this project comes to life as they have a long history with the actor and his family.

The Museum of Science has a long history with Leonard Nimoy, the actor, and director known the world over for his iconic role as the half-human, half Vulcan Mister Spock in the legendary Star Trek series and films. He grew up in Boston’s West End (home to the Museum since 1951), and his Spock is one of science fiction’s most beloved characters. …More importantly, Spock’s message of the importance of science, intellectual curiosity, generosity, inclusion, exploration, and logic are closely aligned with the Museum’s values. Both the character and the actor, promoted these ideals for decades.

Nimoy came up with this iconic gesture through his early religious training

The idea for the Live Long and Prosper hand gesture as the Vulcan greeting, originated from Nimoy himself, who was inspired by an ancient blessing he saw growing up in his synagogue.

Nimoy Live Long and Prosper

Leonard Nimoy
photo by Beth Madison