Wildlife Photographer Captures the Reflective Serenity of Thirsty Lions Drinking Water at Night

Lions Drinking From Lake

Wildlife photographer Peter Haygarth staked himself out on the edge of a body of water at the Zimanga Private Game Reserve in South Africa for over 15 hours in order to see what would come his way. The wait was worth it and his resulting images capture the reflective serenity of thirsty lions taking a refreshing drink of water in the moonlight. Shot from only 13 feet away, Haygarth took care to make sure his presence would not interrupt or disturb the natural movements and interactions.

Taken by freelance photographer, Peter Haygarth …managed to capture a rare moment; snapping the intensity of the lioness’s stare and the contrast of night and lightHis photographs – captured without a flash or specialist lighting equipment and using just LED spotlights which illuminated the hide and water – demonstrate just how regal the creatures look, as their eyes glisten in the dark of night.