A Fantastic Life Sized Origami Dragon Tamer Folded From a Single Sheet of Paper

Origami artist Chris Conrad created an absolutely fantastic life-sized sculpture of a mythical dragon tamer (inspired by those in Skyrim and Elden Ring) out of a single sheet of Thai unryu (mulberry) paper created from smaller sheets. Conrad stated that this project presented unique challenges due to the sheer size and weight of the paper, which needed to be supported for an upright stance.

A 1:1 scale, life size human model. …This project was unbelievably difficult from start to finish. …Folding the model presented its own challenges. Every step of the process took much longer than normal due to the immense size of the paper. Shaping was hellish, I extensively used aluminum foil and wire to provide structural stability and obviate the need to glue every layer. The model is supported by a lamp.

Conrad applied for and received funding to create this amazing origami model. It is part of Conrad’s exhibition “Paper Meditations” on display at the Haverford College VCAM in Haverford, Pennsylvania.

This took over a month to fold, plus a ton of time spent designing the model. It was displayed as part of my exhibit “Paper Meditations” at Haverford College. Special thanks to Ilana Panth for helping me make the square and fold parts of it, and Haverford College’s Student Art Fund for sponsoring this project.

via The Awesomer