Metallica’s Lars Ulrich Explains His Distinctive ‘Heel Up’ Drumming Style

While appearing on The Howard Stern Show, legendary Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich explained his distinctive “heel up” drumming style, meaning that he keeps his feet ready to hit both bass drums at any time.

Lars Ulrich from Metallica shows Howard how quickly he moves his feet when he plays the drums.

While demonstrating this technique, Ulrich explained how the band’s earlier songs were a bit more technical while more current stuff allows him and the other band members to just let go and play.

There are some of those crazy songs from back in the day,…we’ve kind of edited along the way to make them a little less heady and a little more physical and and try to just continue to have them…evolve so they fit our playing style more. You know as we’re getting a little older we definitely like the more physical stuff and I think we’re all less turned on by the stuff that’s super heady and cerebral.